An Introduction

Welcome! I'm a fourth year computer science and data science student at UC Berkeley. I've always been fascinated by the complexity of human decision making. I'm interested in transferring those cognitive skills to the computer science domain, where we can teach machines to make better decisions. As a student instructor and researcher, it's rewarding to motivate students to make data-driven decisions. I'd love to bring my skills to the fields of software engineering, data science, and product management.


Studying computer science and data science with an emphasis in cognition.


Interned at Google and Microsoft, focusing respectively on YouTube data infrastructure and search optimization.


Student Instructor for Data 8, a data science class teaching statistical inference techniques using Python.


Led the Analytics research team for UC Berkeley Division of Data Science's Education Initiative.

Projects and Ideas

A space to record ideas I've had throughout the years, often brainstorming during hackathons and side projects.


I love to document moments of life through photography. Here are experiences I'd like to share!

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